So let’s start off with a simple question. How many of you have thought at some point of creating their own app? Mobile or web, for Windows, OS X, Android or IOS. How many of you have thought, “If only I could make an app, launch it on the market, quit my job and become rich”?
I would bet that most of us have had that thought at least once in our life. And who can blame us? When you look around and you see all those success stories of people just like you and me, that ended up millionaires with little to no investment, your mind can’t help but wonder: Could that be me?
But then, after some time of daydreaming, you inevitably say to yourself, “oh well, it’s too late now, all the good ideas are already taken, it would have been nice though…”. And after you snap back to reality, you decide that you should focus your attention towards more down-to-earth aspirations.
We’ve all been there. And it is true to some extent. This is not 2007 when the first iPhone was released, when there was no competition, nothing was created yet and all the ideas were still on the table. More than 12 years have passed since then and the market is pretty full now. I’m not going to lie, there are 99% chances that whatever idea you might have, it already exists.
Does that mean the innovation stops right here, right now? Of course not! If there is no room for new ideas, improve the ones that already exist. Bring in a new perspective to them.
A good example can be project management apps. In a world where this niche is dominated by giants like AsanaWrike or Jira, new alternatives still emerged later on, such as or Quire.
Another example could be note taking apps. I wrote an article where I showcase the top note-taking apps on the market; if you want to check it out I will link it here.
Even in this case, where the market is governed by big companies such as Evernote or One Note from Microsoft, new options are still coming out as we speak.
So the question is “Why would someone do that?”. Why would anyone invest in an idea that is not new, an idea that many others have done it already, an idea where you would have to compete with million-dollar companies?
And the answer is pretty simple. Because you may have a different perspective. You could bring something different to the table. Maybe a new design, maybe some new features. Who knows?
Look at Apple for example. You would think that the first trillion dollar company in the world would have had to invent something right? But in reality, they didn’t invent too many things. The technology was already out there. But they improved it, designed it to look cool, wrapped it up really nice & released it in the market.
Now circling back to the main question “Is there no room for new apps?” the answer is no. There is always room for new apps.
All you have to do is choose an idea that you think has not reached its full potential and give it a new spin, bring in your own vision to it.
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